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    Welcome on!

    Before you contact us on, please read text below to get the most interesting and necessary information for you.

    What is the just like the name suggests, it is a kind of paid, closed forum with sport tips. Currently, CF consists of  over 150 clients from around the Europe. Service contains two groups of international tipsters:

    a) paid tipsters– monitored and proved by us, we recommend them for our new and current customers;

    b) on tests tipsters – those are tipsters who need to prove themselves, worth following until they pass our tests, which last 3-6 months;

    How much is the membership fee?

    We have two types of customers:

    a) VIP customers – players with big bankroll, they have access to all content [all tipsters + chat]

    VIP subscription price: 70-90€/30 days

    b) SEMIVIP customers – players with smaller bankroll, they have access to 80% of tips, no chat access

    PODVIP/SEMIVIP subscription price: 20-35€/30 days [33% VIP’s price]

    Where can I buy subscription and where is the confirmation?


    You can buy subscription after logging in on the website, via PayPal/Bank Sofort/Przelewy24. After successful payment you should be marked on this list:


    When we pay subscription fees?

    Subscription fees should be paid from 1st to 9th day of each calendar month, worth noting is a fact that the access to the website is automatically blocked after 4th day.

    How to become VIP?

    In VIP group are about 40-45 people, the goal is to expand the group to 100 people, but we will do it with caution, prudence and a lot of thinking. We care about the hermetics of the group and we invite only responsible people who will not decrease level of professionalism.

    You can follow one of two ways:

    a) 3-6 months on probation in PODVIP/SEMIVIP [regular payments] and VIP confirmation;

    b) immediately after fulfilling conditions in link below:,warunki-przyjecia-do-vip

    Where can I find tips and do I receive notification?

    Tips are available in Active tips tab. Yes, each tip is send autimatically in newsletter [6 people access], in 20-30 seconds you will get it on your e-mail address. How to optimize receiving tips to perfection? We recommend to connect GMAIL to the website account and install/configure GOOGLE MAIL on your mobile device, available in link below:

    What is the bankroll management system?

    Bankroll management system is an original script that will allow you to better manage your own budget. It your own game file, in which in a very quick way you enter your bid stake, odds and the amount of your winnings. Your earnings can be seen in the "PROFIT" tab, where you can compare your game and change it to the best players‘ configuration. Forget about your Excel statistics!

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